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Gift of Earth and Sea

Nature's elements blessing you with Grace!

Joan’s jewelry work is intentional – created in the belief that her inspirations are related to a need for prayer. Her jewelry is created while praying for grace and healing for those in need. A portion of the profits from the sale of the Gift of Earth & Sea jewelry will support the Tyler Murray Memorial Fund.

Handcrafted Jewelry

The diverse collection of jewelry created by Joan beckons the heart and soul. Each design expresses a unique story which is depicted in a tiny storybook accompanying each piece. Much of her work expresses her love for Louisiana and her French heritage. The time that Joan spent with her Grandmother learning French Heirloom sewing, crocheting, embroidery and lace-making is an inspiration for her work with fiber. Likewise, her work with precious metal clay (PMC) is influenced by time spent with her Dad learning the art of woodcarving. The diversity of Joan’s jewelry is created using techniques such as enameling, silversmithing, mixed metals, found objects and resin – an inspiration from the land, the earth and elemental forces. View Jewelry…

The Story

Gift of Earth & Sea was birthed during the dark night of the soul after the deaths of her husband, Tom and son, Tyler. It is her intention to use elements gifted from Mother Earth to create jewelry which reflects those healing gifts. Using creative energy to process grief continues to be a blessing for her. More…